Selection from references
KARLO, s.r.o. by MINIMUM

KARLO is a wholesaler and direct importer of various pottery, ceramics and glass products from world-known manufacturers. They supply dealers from local stores to europe-wide chains.
They rely on our IT services since their first website being developed.


GB TRANS is specialists in organising transport within EU, particularly to/from Great Britain. The transportation can be made on a both individual and regular basis.
We provide GB TRANS with complete IT support including hardware, software, telco solutions and online presence since the company’s establishing in 2009.

Dr. Ladislav Masak by MINIMUM

Dr. Ladislav Masak
Dr. Ladislav Masak is one of the top consultants in oncogynecology in Europe. He has already cured hundreds of women and continues fighting cervical and other cancers.
MINIMUM is the proud proud designer and provider of his online website.

Food Control
Food Control, s.r.o. makes sure companies from both food and non-food industries have implemented health regulations and procedures for ensuring healthy and safe products and environments.
Hardware, software as well as their online presence are all happily supplied by MINIMUM. We have also advised them during their establishment phase.

Sothys Institute Slovakia by MINIMUM

SOTHYS Institute
The reference institute SOTHYS in Bratislava provides high-quality treatments to both women and men, who want to keep their skin fresh, healthy and good-loking.
We provide the institute with IT consulting, online presence as well as internal software for customer ordering and logistics.

Jedlá Lenka, s.r.o. by MINIMUM

Jedlá Lenka
Owners of Jedlá Lenka provide Bratislava with home-like, high-quality lunches for more than 15 years. They personally oversee the ingredients selection and work everyday in the kitchen and restaurant. We are happy to help them with hardware, cash registers and their online presence. We also advise them on business processes.

INCORP, spol. s r.o. by MINIMUM

INCORP, spol. s r.o.
For 20 years INCORP has been offering apartments and business premises for both sale and rental to our customers from every income group. Our clean design mindset at MINIMUM caught their eyes and resulted in trendy website utilizing both sophisticated data transfer and state-of-the-art visuals.

Cleopatra International (SK) by MINIMUM

Cleopatra International (SK)
Cleopatra Sugar Paste has entered Slovakia with a launch of a brand-new website. Complementing traditional sales channels such as cosmeticians and beauty consultants, consumers can also purchase the product directly from Cleopatra. At MINIMUM, we created the technical framework with design already being provided by the vendor.

Čajovňa v podzemí - Podzemíčko by MINIMUM

ČAJOVŇA, s. r. o.

Čajovňa v podzemíčku
MINIMUM is the proud provider of internal warehouse and restaurant sales system for the tea house in the Bratislava’s Old town. Tailored to both mobile and desktop devices, the system enables tracking of sales, stock and provides various tools for effective evaluation, review and decision making. by MINIMUM

ForPro (SK)
In 2016, blogger ForPro launched the personal-professional blog for cosmetician, beauticians and masseurs for the Slovak and Czech audience seeking newest trends, professional advice as well as personal opinions and ideas. MINIMUM programs and designs the web and helps ForPro with hints and tips on writing great blog posts.

Processes & Consulting

We commit to our clients requests and therefore don’t disclose names of our clients who do not want to be mentioned on our websites. However, we will be happy to provide you with references upon your request. Feel free to let us know if you are interested in cooperation with MINIMUM.
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