Selection from references
KARLO, s.r.o. by MINIMUM

KARLO is a wholesaler and direct importer of various pottery, ceramics and glass products from world-known manufacturers. They supply dealers from local stores to europe-wide chains.
They rely on our IT services since their first website being developed.

KARLO eshop

KARLO E-shop
KARLO deviced to enter B2C market and with our help, they have launched an integrated e-commmerce solution connected to their in-house system. The site is praised by many customers and suppliers and helped KARLO become a proud regular partner of BILLA Bonus Club

Dr. Ladislav Masak by MINIMUM

Dr. Ladislav Masak
Dr. Ladislav Masak is one of the top consultants in oncogynecology in Europe. He has already cured hundreds of women and continues fighting cervical and other cancers.
MINIMUM is the proud proud designer and provider of his online website.


We are proud IT provided for a renowned child immunological allergology clinic in Bratislava. Our recent project made the clinic accessible to internet population where patients/their parents can get a glimpse on the clinic’s availability and get a prescription online, without a need to visit the ambulance in person – even from their mobile device.

Cleopatra International (SK) by MINIMUM

Cleopatra International (SK)
Cleopatra Sugar Paste has entered Slovakia with a launch of a brand-new website. Complementing traditional sales channels such as cosmeticians and beauty consultants, consumers can also purchase the product directly from Cleopatra. At MINIMUM, we created the technical framework with design already being provided by the vendor.

Vesna Natur

Vesna Natur
Vesna Natur offers you various natural treatmens of pure natural origin, extra-effective vitamin supplements and lifestyle consultations. Run by certified homeopathic provider, customers can also get the latest information from the world of natural medicine on the site’s blog.

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We commit to our clients requests and therefore don’t disclose names of our clients who do not want to be mentioned on our websites. However, we will be happy to provide you with references upon your request. Feel free to let us know if you are interested in cooperation with MINIMUM.
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