Become a master of communication. Thanks to MINIMUM

Communicate with others easily, reliably and effectively. Whether it’s a computer network, mobile phones or social media, we can cover it all.

Computers have become a major part of our business life. Whether it’s your smartphone with hundreds of contats, desktop computer where your accountant calculates your annual profit or a data center storing your crucial business data from all entities, IT has replaced folders, paper notebooks and large warehouses full of documents. Any breakdown of even a simple laptop can therefore cause a irreturnable loss of resources and assets.
Our products, solutions and services are therefore provided with highest possible degree of reliability in order to minimize breakdowns and have a fast-to-implement backup plan. MINIMUM worries for you.

IT infrastructure

Let computers serve you. Not the other way around.

We provide cutting-edge solutions in cooperation with leading local and global vendors. Whether you’re a small family company or a business with tens or hundreds of employees, we have the right and most efficient solution for you, be it a cloud storage, computers/tablets/smartphones, server rack, mobile phone plans or a computer network. We can help you choose the best architecture for your needs and implement it as well.
However, the computers are only a mean to store and use the most valuable assets of your company – information turned into data. We therefore make sure each system is as reliable as possible so you can fully utilize their potential. Time-defined SLAs, onsite replacements, double/triple backups and many other tools will turn your IT into a hassle-free crucial backbone of your business.
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Your virtual business card

Do you need a simple passive, website, web application or a sophisticated interactive e-commerce system connected to your network? We can provide you with a complete solution for almost any request you might have. We ensure your responsive website will be accessible and usable from any device including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Your customers will be easily able to find you through any search engine. And to top it, we’ll help you with content creation. All by MINIMUM.
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Social media

New way of customer service. Offer advice, solve claims and boost your sales!

No more hidden web forms or oversized call centers with hard-to-remember phone numbers. Social media have become #1 channel of consumer complaint resolution. Customers always search for the easiest way to contact you and on the web, you’re just one click away from them. Whether it’s a community of travellers, company page on a popular social site or global short announcements, consumers can be heard and want to be heard. Forget expensive targeting and campaigns and turn your virtual front-end from a passive information source into an active communication tool and personalised customer service. We can provide you with proven tools and processes, implement complex networking systems and help you turn detractors into prosumers and evangelists. And we even help you choose a right coffee machine, so your employees can socialize even better durink work hours.
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