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Doing business in a competitive, overcrowded and globally linked world is a difficult challenge for every company regardless of its size. We have therefore developed three interconnected frameworks, which make your business more effective, efficient and profitable. By enhancing profitable areas, streamlining your routine operations and simplifying communication paths, you can focus on providing value to your customers and yourself.
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Business & Processes

Right people on right places.
Almost impossible, yet so easy.

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IT and Online

Stay connected 24/7, hassle free,
all around the world.

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SIMPLE is the new TRENDY

We talk action in your language.

Everyone is unique and has his own characteristics. Yet there are many common procedures and processes which are universally valid. We can bridge the gap between a general know-how and your special abilities or environment and join them to create a custom system. You don’t have to worry about complex systems anymore. Our measures are simple, understandable and still specific to you. Simply MINIMUM.
What is MINIMUM like?

About us

Why? What? Where? When?

MINIMUM, s.r.o. (Ltd) has been providing personalised consulting and services since 2008. Our customers include companies of all sizes, from local enterpreneurs to multi-national corporations. We are especially experienced in crisis management, IT services and products, marketing and sales. In addition to that, we also use an extensive network of trusted and qualified contractors and experts to ensure the highest quality of our services we provide for you, our customers.
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